NFT artist - Digital painting, sculptures & art cards

Obscure 02

Obscure 02 is available on on Tezos

Obscure 01

Obscure 01 is available on on Tezos

#000 to #099

Now #PERSONAE Genesis collection is entirely soldout

The Metaverse

The Metaverse NFT sold for 0.4 ETH (1641$) on auction

Arke x Ternoa
#NFTs drop on Ternoa Blockchain

Really glad to being part of the Ternoa adventure with this NFT drop in collaboration with Ternoa & Tiime Engine.


BlackPool live auction at Lisbon

Lisbon 22oct. 2021 – Sold for 1.6 ETH, all the money going to the association Action Enfance.
@robsjre is now officially the proud owner of this NFT, so many thanks to him for the association ! ❤️

About Arke

Graphic designer, drawing, painting & electronic music composer, I've worked too on 3D mapping video projections on monuments. Living in France, I've done an Art & Graphic Design school, and worked a time for music festivals. With the emergeance of the NFT art I see the possibility to make move the art system for everyone, with peoples who support artists they love and artists who try to express themselves with new forms of creativity.

Some cool links

Les Collectionneurs, #communauté FR – 100% #NFT, Si vous êtes curieux, experts, #artiste

APT. 55 is a collective, media and community of NFT passionates, curators and artists.

DEFI France, plus grande communauté FR autour de la finance décentralisée.

NFT Morning, podcast FR autour des NFTs.

Ethernaal, Ethernaal allows tattoo artist to convert their flashes into NFTs

Rarible page

Find my work on Rarible and collect some NFT art