$ARKES token

$ARKES token address on Polygon : 0x0784d958ee09ff8e876a82d3c6e798912c0f0a11


You can access to the entire Arke NFTs catalog with this link
(under construction)

Discord is the center of the activity of $ARKES token, you can join here :


Informations will be available in the first half of november 2021.

Informations will be available in the first half of november 2021.

Exclusive NFTs will be available on Rarible & Opensea, and buyable exclusively with $ARKES token.

ARKE exclusive collection

For validation of your role you must come on the Discord and claim your role on the #claim channel with the fullset in your Rarible collection, after verified you can sell it again on the secondary market if you want, you will keep the fullset collector role until next year (roles are reset every 1st January, next reset will be 1st January 2022).

Rewards are distributed principally on discord using TIP.CC bot, simply open a chat with it on discord to use commands :

$bal (or $bal ARKES) to know how many $ARKES you get

$withdraw to send your $ARKES on your ETH adress (be careful you will have gas fees on this step)

Contract on Ethereum

Address on Polygon

BlackPool Auction, PBWS Paris

Paris 12 apr. 2022

“ARKE – Red” NFT Sold for 2.2 ETH in the auction organized by BlackPool at PBWS – Paris NFT Day, all the money going to the NGO WarChild.org.

@0xL0Ev is now officially the proud owner of this NFT, so many thanks to him for the NGO !