$ARKE money

You can buy & sell $ARKE token directly on UNISWAP with the contract address : 0xA9248F8e40d4b9c3Ca8ebd8E07E9BCB942C616d8

Link to the UNISWAP pool

Discord is the center of the activity of $ARKE token, you can join here :


NFTs will provide you 100 $ARKE on your TIP.CC wallet when bought on PRIMARY & SECONDARY market
(must be claimed on the discord for secondary market, and can take 24h when bought on primary market)

The collab.land bot on the discord server automatically detect how much $ARKE you got on your ETH address, so you can stack and get rewards each week depending of the amount you keep :

500 $ARKE - Frog : 25 $ARKE each week
1000 $ARKE - Keepers : 50 $ARKE each week
5000 $ARKE - Whales : 250 $ARKE each week

These roles are assigned automatically. To receive the role, make sure you hold enough $ARKE in your MetaMask or Roll wallet. (Do not work with TIP.CC wallet)

Type !join into the #🤖bot-commands channel. You will receive a DM from the @Collab.Land bot. Click on the link and choose the wallet that has the tokens. Done, the bot will update your role!

(Keep in mind, each time you want to update your role to a new one you'd need to type the command again!)

Exclusive NFTs will be available on Opensea, and buyable exclisively with $ARKE money.

ARKE exclusive collection

  • [CH] [001] to [010 or Booster]
    Because CH010 is unique, CH010 Booster count as last card too
  • [OOS] [001] to [010]
  • [TI] [001] to [010]
  • [FA] [001] to [010]
  • Track 1 to Track 10 of Arke musical project (Decentralized Album)
  • Digital Sculptures [001] to [010]
  • $ARKE excl. NFTs [001] to [010]

For validation of your role you must come on the Discord and claim your role on the #claim channel with the fullset in your Rarible collection, after verified you can sell it again on the secondary market if you want, you will keep the fullset collector role until next year (roles are reset every 1st January, next reset will be 1st January 2022).

Rewards are distributed principally on discord using TIP.CC bot, simply open a chat with it on discord to use commands :

$bal (or $bal ARKE) to know how many $ARKE you get

$withdraw to send your $ARKE on your ETH adress (be careful you will have gas fees on this step)

$ARKE is an ERC-20 token, you can find it on Etherscan
Contract address : 0xA9248F8e40d4b9c3Ca8ebd8E07E9BCB942C616d8

Many thanks to Sinkas & MisterGore from the ROLL team for all their help and all the work they did for this project ! 🙂

Big thanks too to "Les Collectionneurs" and JPhi for their big help too 🙂

Many thanks to the brasilian guys Thiago & Felippe, and dear Criptera for the initial idea